Accelerated geosynthetic closure of a mine refuse site

August 1st, 2016

Case history: Cambria Site 93 in Pennsylvania Introduction During the coal mining process—underground or surface—other unwanted soil and rock materials are mined along with the coal. A separation technology is used to best segregate the coal from the “refuse material.” After separation, various amounts of coal still exist in the refuse piles of material left […]

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Reduced CO2 emissions and energy consumption with geosynthetic installations

October 1st, 2011

From the Geosynthetics Research Institute’s 24th conference, 2011.The articles in this series encompass all types of geosynthetics and their applications viewed from the context of sustainability. Traditional solutions are compared with geosynthetic solutions from both cost and carbon footprint perspectives. (from the Geosynthetic Research Institute’s 24th conference, 2011) Abstract In April 2010, GSE released a […]

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