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ASTM standards for silt barrier fence

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RE: Silt barrier fence
I have a problem that could not be resolved by the only “approved” fabric manufacturer. I am turning to you in desperation.

Our specifications calls for a silt fence with “a maximum slurry flow rate of 0.3 GPM/Sq. Ft.” I have seen this requirement being specified by several public agencies (including ours), but I cannot find any ASTM standards or other reference.

May I request you to provide the required information so that I can approve the right product?

(Jim | Illinois)

Reply: The test you are referring to was originated by Dave Wyant of the Virginia DOT some 20 years ago. Subsequently, ASTM picked it up and it is listed as ASTM D5141, Test Method for Filter Efficiency and Flow Rate for Silt Fence Applications to Site Specific Soils.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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