Benefit/cost analysis as it relates to service life of geosynthetics

August 1, 2020  |  GSI News

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CCR landfill final cover test pad—Part 1

August 1, 2020  |  Features

By Nina J. Balsamo, John Massey-Norton, John R. Klamut, Terry Queen,Charles F. Straley and Mark R. Lehner An integrated drainage system (IDS) geomembrane, which provides both a low-permeability membrane and drainage space above the geomembrane, is being used in the final cover at a coal combustion r…
New GMA leadership and socially distanced activities

August 1, 2020  |  GMA News

The executive council of the Geosynthetics Materials Association (GMA) has a new chair and first vice chair. Bryan Gee, the director of education and training for Tensar International Corp., has ascended to the chair of GMA, while Steve Thaxton, the business development leader of geosynthetics for O…
Geosynthetics plays a prominent role

August 1, 2020  |  Editorial

From the Panama Canal to coal ash containment in West Virginia to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet piling in several U.S. states, geosynthetics solve problems. The versatility of the different types of geosynthetics makes them useful in many situations. In “Innovative Geosynthetics Solution Saves 10…
Innovative geosynthetic solution saves 106-year-old Panama Canal structures

August 1, 2020  |  Case Studies, Features

By Tom Stephens and Nicolas Ruiz The Panama Canal opened for business 106 years ago and was hailed as the eighth wonder of the world and an engineering marvel. It has become the most consequential global waterway ever constructed. Since 1914, more than a million ships of all sizes have passed throug…
Geosynthetics Conference 2021 short course lineup announced

August 1, 2020  |  Final Inspection

By Barbara J. Connett The Geosynthetics Conference 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the Short Course Roster. These half-day in-depth courses feature detailed instruction in a small group setting. All courses provide four professional development hours (PDHs) and are included with ful…
Methods to estimate pressures and strains in pond geomembrane bubbles

August 1, 2020  |  News

By Richard Thiel, Hesham Eldesouky and Richard Brachman This article provides an update, validation and improved approach for predicting the shape, pressure and strains that can occur in an exposed geomembrane bubble (aka “whale”) created by gas trapped below the geomembrane in a pond (Figure 1)…
The GMA Techline

August 1, 2020  |  Q&A: GMA Techline

Seaming dissimilar geomembranes Q: I kindly request your technical support in the questions below: A nonpolyethylene geomembrane was used in phase 1 of the tailings dam waterproofing system of a gold mine. For the expansion (phase 2), the use of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane is bei…
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PVC sheet piling for cutoff and containment barriers

August 1, 2020  |  Features

By Brendan Sheppard and Steve Hargrave Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet piling (Figure 1) has been used for more than 25 years in bulkheads throughout the United States and beyond as a replacement for steel, concrete and timber materials due to the high corrosion resistance it offers in marine environ…