The 2023 Koerner Lecture Q&A session

April 1, 2024  |  GMA News

George Koerner: Geomembranes used as landfill liners may experience differential settlement or local strain due to protrusions or anomalies in the subgrade. Therefore, it is important to define a maximum allowable strain that any given geomembrane can tolerate without compromising its integrity. Do …
Fall Lobby Days 2023

February 1, 2024  |  GMA News

GMA’s Fall 2023 Lobby Days coincided with the end (November 17) of the first 2023 continuing resolution (CR) that was passed in September ’23 to prevent a shutdown of the U.S. federal government. We were anticipating an exciting week in Washington, D.C., but as we gathered for our preparation me…
Interpreting and monitoring the final Buy America guidelines

October 1, 2023  |  GMA News

As I sat down to write this article, the final rule for the Guidance for Grants and Agreements from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) had been posted on the Federal Register (FR) with a 60-day notice to take effect October 23, 2023.
’23 summer highlights

August 1, 2023  |  GMA News

It’s been another busy summer for the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) and that activity will continue into the fall. We kicked off the summer in early May with our second Geosynthetic Infrastructure Morning at the Outlook Conference held at the Westin Poinsett in downtown Greenville, S.C.…
2023 GMA Spring Lobby Days registration open

April 27, 2023  |  GMA News, News

Now is the time to register for the 2023 GMA Spring Lobby Days taking place May 16–17, 2023 in Washington, D.C. Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) members will have the opportunity to meet with their congressional representatives and learn about how the election impacts the makeup of the 11…
GMA moves forward

April 1, 2023  |  GMA News

Over the past decade the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing itself as a leading geosynthetics organization in the areas of education, technical support and government relations. GMA’s membership has nearly doubled since 2005; GMA-supported educatio…
Outlook Conference 2023 and Geosynthetics Morning

March 20, 2023  |  ATA Events, Events, Events, GMA News, News

Outlook Conference 2023 will be held April 30-May 2, 2023 at The Westin Poinsett in Greenville, S.C. The conference includes a Geosynthetics Morning and you can register here. Outlook offers attendees the opportunities to network, learn and connect with key executives in their industry. Hear real-ti…
GMA’s federal lobby efforts uncover new interlayer opportunity

February 1, 2023  |  GMA News

The Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) recently made progress regarding the use of asphalt interlayers on airfield pavement projects funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The use of interlayers has been severely restricted for these projects for approximately seven years, based …
Washington fully open

October 1, 2022  |  GMA News

Since mid-summer, the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) has been swamped with conversations related to the Buy American, Build America (BABA) provisions of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) 180-day hold for clarity and definition on the Buy America clauses. GMA members have been meeting…
GMA’s watchwords for this year are government affairs, infrastructure spending and planning

August 1, 2022  |  GMA News

Outlook® Conference 2022 included the debut of the “Geosynthetics Morning”—a new opportunity to explore the intersection of markets and include professionals in geosynthetics for a morning of specific education. The geosynthetics sessions included talks with Dave Bauer of the American Road &a…