Layfield introduces HydraNet geonets/geocomposites

April 7, 2022  |  Products

Layfield introduces HydraNet geonets/composites, described as cost-effective and environmentally conscious alternatives to aggregate drains.
MSE retaining wall drainage and pile obstructions

April 5, 2022  |  Products

The Reinforced Earth Co. examines the many elements of MSE retaining wall drainage when there are obstructions.
Geosynthetics for stormwater tank encapsulation

March 31, 2022  |  Products

Layfield Group Ltd. discusses geosynthetics for stormwater tank encapsulation, including the pros and cons of flat bottom and arched tank types.
All about geotextiles

March 17, 2022  |  Products

Ocean Non Wovens Pvt. Ltd. provides a detailed overview of geotextiles, which are useful for many infrastructure projects.
Geocells for redevelopment on closed landfills

March 3, 2022  |  Products

Presto GeoSystems asserts the GEOWEB Soil Stabilization System incorporates effective geocells for redevelopment challenges of closed landfills.
Tentoma geotextile packaging machine for wider rolls

February 22, 2022  |  Products

The new Tentoma geotextile packaging machine handles up to 29.5-foot (19-m) wide roll packaging.
The history of geocells

February 18, 2022  |  Products

Presto Geosystems, which invented geocells in the late 1970s, expands on the history of geocells technology.
Maximizing landfill airspace with geosynthetics

February 10, 2022  |  Products

Watershed Geo ClosureTurf final cover system plays a big role in maximizing landfill airspace at two landfills on the East Coast.
Geogrid geocomposite saves 50% in installation time

February 8, 2022  |  Products

Freudenberg Performance Materials Holding SE & Co. KG released a new geogrid geocomposite aimed at increasing the efficiency of construction projects.
Premier product showcase 2022

February 1, 2022  |  Products

Here is your first look at some of the new products and services that will be available from companies in 2022. Information for this special section was provided by companies who submitted materials to us before the publication deadline. All photographs are courtesy of the company listing the produ…