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Tentoma geotextile packaging machine for wider rolls

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The new Tentoma geotextile packaging machine handles up to 29.5-foot (19-m) wide roll packaging and packages shorter rolls faster.

Tentoma RoRo StretchPack XL Power packaging machines for geotextiles on a roll
Tentoma designed the new RoRo StretchPack XL Power machine for stretching wider geotextile tubes. Photograph courtesy of Tentoma A/S

Tentoma A/S, headquartered in Broager, Denmark, released the RoRo StretchPack XL Power packaging machine that enables sealed packaging of up to 29.5-foot (19-m) wide geotextile rolls. This is an increase in product length of 50% over the standard RoRo StretchPack XL machine. The new Tentoma geotextile packaging machine is built and sold to replace an orbital wrapper.

Increases packaging speed up to 25%

For the packaging of shorter rolls, the XL Power packaging machine can stretch film for more products per packaging cycle, which increases packaging speed. The ability to load and stretch more film on the gripper arms also increases the packaging speed when using the “semiflow packaging” principle. Semiflow packaging enables wraps of multiple products in a row before the machine needs to load more film on the gripper arms. A comparison between XL and XL Power shows that while the XL machine packs 210 products per hour, the XL Power machine packs 260 products, an increase of 25%.

The main advantages of the XL Power machine are: 1) Stronger and longer gripper arms to load more film, 2) More powerful motors, and 3) Sturdier construction to withstand increased tensile forces. XL Power can be adapted to a manufacturer’s production line and specific packaging requirements.

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