What temperature can a polyethylene geomembrane resist?

June 8, 2021  |  News

By Catrin Tarnowski, senior technical manager, Solmax Polyethylene (PE) geomembranes are used by engineers and regulators around the world to line landfills, ponds, mining heap leach pads and other applications. Prolonged exposure to highly elevated temperatures can make liners weaken rapidly. Speci…
GSI to host webinar on geosynthetics used in paved and unpaved roads

June 7, 2021  |  Events

Beginning in the 1930s, geotextiles and then geogrids have been used in unpaved and paved roads for the purposes of reduced stone base thicknesses and improved serviceability. For use as unpaved road reinforcement, the theory is developed to the point that the benefit/cost of using geotextiles or ge…
Solmax acquires TenCate Geosynthetics, creating the world’s leading geosynthetics provider

June 1, 2021  |  News

Global geosynthetics manufacturer Solmax has concluded the acquisition of TenCate Geosynthetics. With this transaction, the global reach, innovation capabilities and specialties of two recognized geosynthetics frontrunners combine to create the world’s leading geosynthetics provider. “Solmax is …
An interview with Jean-Louis Vangeluwe, president of Solmax, on the acquisition of TenCate Geosynthetics

June 1, 2021  |  News

By Todd R. Berger As will be formally announced Tuesday morning, June 1, the Montreal-based geosynthetics manufacturer Solmax has finalized the acquisition of TenCate Geosynthetics, which is headquartered in Pendergrass, Ga. Jean-Louis Vangeluwe, president of Solmax, spoke with Geosynthetics magazin…
Bituminous geomembrane for a South Australian mine

June 1, 2021  |  Case Studies, Final Inspection, News

The Oz Minerals Carrapateena mine is a copper-gold project located 99 miles (160 km) north of Port Augusta in South Australia. The ore is processed on-site to produce a gold-copper concentrate. A lined tailings storage facility (TSF) was required to receive the tailings by-product and protect the su…
GSI news: An open solicitation to join in a round-robin effort to find a substitute for Igepal CO-630

June 1, 2021  |  GSI News

Improved stress-cracking resistance in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes has been a quest of our industry and a hot research topic for years. The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) has been working in this area since the mid-1980s.
IGS-NA elects new officers and board liaisons

June 1, 2021  |  IGS-NA

The latest IGS North America (IGS-NA) general assembly took place on Feb. 22 during the 2021 Geosynthetics Virtual Conference.
GMA on virtual conference, resin prices and Lobby Day

June 1, 2021  |  GMA News

The 2021 Geosynthetics Virtual Conference has come and gone, but not before providing access to all the recorded content through May 1. With the unlimited access that the virtual platform provided, attendees were able to listen to presentations that provided up to 40 professional development hours (…
Geosynthetics Conference proceedings archive expands and announcing GeoNashville

June 1, 2021  |  Events, News

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), the Geosynthetics Materials Association (GMA) and Geosynthetics magazine are taking steps to make geosynthetics education and research widely available to the industry. The proceedings from all geosynthetics conferences published by IFAI (exce…
Dewatering of sludge from a sewage treatment plant with geotextile tubes

June 1, 2021  |  Case Studies, Feature

Water is an important resource for people’s quality of life and is indispensable for several uses, including desedentation. However, this resource is finite and available in small quantities in the quality of fresh water, at liquid state and on the surface. Therefore, rivers and lakes, providers o…