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HUESKER releases video on SoilTain geotextile tubes for dewatering

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HUESKER Group made public a YouTube video on the company’s SoilTain geotextile tubes for high-flow dewatering of waterlogged sediments and residues from mines, industrial plants, construction sites and sewage works, applications, the company said, that are often expensive and labor intensive if dewatering is not undertaken.

The SoilTain dewatering tube is a technical textile containment system made from a specially developed woven filter that is used to dewater a wide variety of sludge types, HUESKER said. The SoilTain dewatering system is easy to install and has low ongoing maintenance requirements. It can serve as either a temporary or permanent solution. Additional geotextile tubes can be readily added to the system to increase process capacity.

The video highlights the attributes of SoilTain geotextile tubes for dewatering.

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