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Alexiew, formerly of HUESKER, launches consultancy 

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Long-time HUESKER leader Dr.-Ing. Dimiter Alexiew has formed an independent consultancy, specializing in geosynthetics in the fields of earthworks, road and railway construction, landfill construction, brown field sites, land reclamation, stockyards, foundation engineering and sludge lagoons. 

Dr.-Ing. Alexiew began work at HUESKER in 1993 as the deputy head of engineering in Gescher, Germany, taking over as the head of engineering in 1995, a position he held until 2010. He served as the technical director with an emphasis on engineering for HUESKER from 2011 until 2017.

In addition, Dr.-Ing. Alexiew has served as the chair for geotechnics at the Technical University of Siegen, Germany, as well as a design and consulting engineer at the Institute for Geotechnics at LGA Bavaria in Nuremberg, Germany.

Throughout his career, Dr.-Ing. Alexiew has focused on his previously noted specialties, as well as the development and application of design calculation methods, product and system development, supervision and consultancy for building sites, large-scale and model tests in situ and at universities/testing institutes, and standardization work in Germany and abroad. 

He is the author of more than 200 technical publications in several languages, including many on technical standards and codes. He has also delivered more than 100 lectures and reports at conferences worldwide and at technical seminars at universities. He has created several inventions and holds several patents.

Originally trained at the Technical University for Civil Engineering (TUCE) in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he received his Dipl.-Ing. and completed postgraduate work focusing on bridges, special foundations and programming, he later received advanced professional training in Germany at the Carl-Duisberg Foundation focusing on state-of-the-art research and practice with geotechnics. In Germany, he also studied at the Technical University and Federal Waterways and Research Institute in Karlsruhe, the Technical University in Munich, the Technical University in Wuppertal, the Federal Highway Institute in Bergisch-Gladbach and the Institute for Geotechnics at LGA Bavaria in Nuremberg. He received his doctoral promotion in geotechnical engineering (Dr.-Ing.).

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