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FGI offers pond liner leakage calculator

News | January 16, 2018 | By:

The Fabricated Geomembrane Institute (FGI) Pond Liner Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet based on Darcy’s Law that produces a comparison between leakage rates for compacted soils and geosynthetic liners. The FGI calculator allows the user to input the size of the containment basin (including length, width, depth, side slope angle and freeboard); the anticipated level of permeability using compacted clay/soil; and the relative cost of an acre foot of water. It will in turn provide the volume of the basin in gallons, a comparison of leakage rates between the compacted soil layer and a geomembrane, both in gallons and in dollars.

This tool is designed to help consultants, engineers, architects and end users best decide how to line basins for capture and/or protection. It does not take into account variances in quality of either liner type, construction shortfalls or operational impact on the long-term effectiveness of the chosen liner. FGI has additional research and publications to help with these other aspects of successful liner implementation.

To download the FGI Pond Liner Calculator, visit

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