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The durability of exposed geomembrane covers

October 1st, 2017 / By: , , / Feature

The most frequently asked question by people in the geosynthetics world is how long is the anticipated lifetime of geosynthetics. So much so that of the more than 3,000 questions submitted to the GMA Techline since it began in 2004, 591 (19.7%) have been on lifetime, aka durability. Of these, 49% were on buried lifetime, […]


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One response to “The durability of exposed geomembrane covers

  1. Thank you this is very interesting and informative!
    How would the above life expectancy be applied to a seam on an exposed membrane. It is our experience in the field that cracking of the membrane, fully exposed ie above the waterlevel in a dam takes place immediately adjacent to the seam and earlier so on Extrusion seams than on the Wedge seam. This starts in our country where the atmospheric conditions are comparatively challenging, at between 23 years and 28 years.
    Surely the end of the life of the product is when the seam fails? This was also a conclusion reached at a group discussion at an international conference some years back. Details of which can be traced.
    Look forward to hear from you.

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