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New C-Class geotextiles from Typar

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Tennessee manufacturer received AASHTO-NTPEP certification

Typar Geosynthetics announced in a press release a new addition to its 40 years of Typar geotextile manufacturing: Typar C-Class Construction Fabrics. Engineered for use in AASHTO M-288 applications and to provide strength, uniformity, and durability characteristics, the C-Class provides stabilization, separation, drainage, and erosion control.

The release noted that Typar is one of the manufacturers that have undergone the AASHTO-NTPEP manufacturing audit and certification.

“We’re in our fifth decade of production at our plant in Tennessee, so we have a long history of product innovation, manufacturing quality control, and project experience to draw from,” said sales director Keith Misukanis. “The C-Class series and AASHTO certification continue that history of expertise and market leadership.”

Source: Typar Geosynthetics

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