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Syntec geogrids in 16ft-wide rolls

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To minimize overlaps, optimize shipping

Syntec now offers Type 1 and Type 2 biaxial geogrids in 16ft-wide rolls, according to a recent press release from the company.

The release noted that the wider rolls can reduce shipping costs, minimize waste lost to overlaps, and reduce construction time. The new wider rolls are standard stock and are available now. Syntec biaxial geogrids are produced in the U.S. and are distributed in North and South America.

The 16ft-wide rolls offer nearly 20% more material than standard 13.1ft-rolls, the release said. With 3 extra feet of width on every roll, there is no wasted space on shipping trailers.

The press release also described another advantage: wider rolls require fewer overlaps, and since owners seldom pay for overlaps, every square foot of material lost to overlap is material contractors do not get paid for. “With less material lost to overlaps, contractors get paid for more of the material placed on the job. Wider rolls also offer greater coverage, saving time during installation,” the release stated.

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