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Profile introduces new turf reinforcement mat

Products | March 15, 2012 | By:

Next generation of Enkamat

Building on the legacy of Enkamat—calling it “the industry’s original turf reinforcement mat”—Profile Products has introduced a new high-performance TRM, Enkamat R45 HP-TRM.

In a March 13 press release, Profile said that Enkamat R45 “delivers maximum soil and root reinforcement at low elongations—it will not stretch—due to its high-strength, high-modulus geogrid that acts as an additional tensile element.

“This, along with the matrix’s 95% open space, leads to faster vegetation establishment and maximum root entanglement. Its three-dimensional matrix acts as a reinforced grip layer that allows vegetation to withstand periodic light vehicular traffic as well as mowing and maintenance operations on slopes,” the release stated.

Produced in partnership with Colbond Geosynthetics, Enkamat R45 was created through a manufacturing process that integrates a high-tenacity polyester geogrid within thermally fused and entangled, three-dimensional nylon monofilaments to create a homogeneous, three-dimensional structure, according to the release.

The new TRM is designed for use in many applications, including: levee armoring, steep slope and channel stabilization, canal and shoreline protection, and slope failure repairs.

Source: Profile Products LLC

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