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Leak location

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RE: Leak location
I have been reading though the GSI White Paper #8 regarding the CQA method.

I am designing a reservoir that will be around 50ft deep and has many 2:1 sideslopes (uncovered 60-mil HDPE liner) that I would also need to test for leakage.

It doesn’t seem that the ELLS water-puddle technique could be used on sideslopes. How are sideslopes to be tested?

Also, I am not quite understanding the electrical part of the water-puddle technique. Can you help me connect the dots on that issue?

(Rob | California)

Reply: The sideslopes are usually surveyed using a spray of water placed immediately before the electrode does its monitoring. ASTM is set up nicely in this regard with five or six methods, one of the being the water-spray method specifically for sideslopes.

Regarding the circuitry, it is rather straightforward and the ASTM methods are quite descriptive in this regard. Please be aware that there are certified companies that provide such service.

P.S. I hope that you are using textured sheet.

Reply: Thanks for the answers. And yes, we are using a textured sheet.

(Rob | California)

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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