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Tensar assumes control of its geogrid distribution

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25-year alliance with ConTech concludes in May

After a 25-year manufacturer/distributor collaboration, Tensar International Corp. and ConTech Construction Products Inc. have mutually agreed that Tensar will take on distribution for its geogrid products in the U.S., according to an April 21 press release.

Under the terms of an agreement effective May 2, 2011, the release said that Tensar assumes ConTech’s geogrid distribution business, which includes exclusive distribution of biaxial and triaxial geogrid products in the U.S. The joint decision to modify the long-term distribution alliance “comes as a result of strategic initiatives both companies are pursuing in their respective markets,” according to the press release.

Tensar has expanded its portfolio of soil and pavement solutions in recent years. The release stated that, with emphasis on these new products, Tensar will now “consolidate and streamline its distribution channels to more directly serve its markets.”

“Tensar International now delivers complete solutions including materials, engineering, technical assistance, and specifications,” said Tensar president Robert Vevoda.

Steve Spanagel, ConTech’s president for sales and field marketing said: “Over the past few years, ConTech has gained significant traction in our core business and is recognized today as one of the premier providers of engineering solutions to the commercial, residential, industrial, heavy highway, and emerging markets.”

ConTech’s Spanagel continued: “We have recently made investments to build out our product portfolio to go after new and emerging growth markets such as military, mining, wind and energy, and have established several new alliances that will position us for long-term success … While we have enjoyed a successful relationship with Tensar for decades, [ConTech] would be best served by allocating resources focused on these new market opportunities.”

Source: Tensar International Corp.

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