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Availability of Hypalon

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RE: Hypalon
I am looking for a chlorosulfonated polyethylene AD-007. We used to use Hypalon but we received a notice a few months ago that chlorosulfonated resin will no longer be produced. Can you help us to find some companies that produce and sell this type of membrane?
(Jorge | Mexico)

Reply: Your question is valid since DuPont, the manufacturer of the Hypalon (CSPE) resin, has ceased production in Texas, which influences all of the Americas. Thus Hypalon is not available. There are two possibilities that I can offer in this regard:

  1. DuPont makes Hypalon in Europe and I am told it is still available.
  2. Switch to a different resin for the geomebrane. In this regard, flexible polypropylene is a possibility (among others) and if it is considered, please go to GRI–GM18 on the specification section of our website.

Best wishes for your project.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

Editor’s note from Ron Bygness, Geosynthetics: Please see a response to the Hypalon question from Dr. Ian Peggs, a member of the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Committee.

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