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GSI Fellowships announced

September 30th, 2010 / By: / Updates

An annual commitment by the Geosynthetic Institute to recognize and reward deserving students in the geosynthetics discipline continued this year.

The third class of GSI Fellows for academic year 2010-2011, as well as ongoing classes, was announced in September.

The fellowship criteria include:

  1. Student must have completed his/her doctoral candidacy examinations.
  2. Student must be researching an innovative topic involving geosynthetics.
  3. Student must express an interest and desire to teach and/or research in the geosynthetic field.

Four of the new proposals (Class 3a below) contained projects that have been awarded. These four, plus two first-class students and one second-class student (continuing their research projects) have been sent stipend checks accordingly.

The current status, including the new third class (click on the chart to enlarge): GSI Fellowships

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