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Geomembrane sealant to concrete pad

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Subject: Geomembrane sealant to concrete pad— This inquiry is about how to anchor geomembrane to a concrete pad, as well as rendering a perfect seal between the two to prevent water from seeping in between the concrete and the geomembrane. (Schar, London)

Reply: Geomembrane anchorage to concrete surfaces is generally accomplished by inserting steel anchor bolts into the concrete (during initial pouring or by drilling and setting as a retrofit) with a thick neoprene, or similar, cushioning strip between the concrete surface and the geomembrane. The anchor bolts penetrate the cushion and the geomembrane, and are held fast by stainless steel batten strips that are bolted to the anchor bolts. It is a very standardized method and all geomembrane manufacturers and installers have standardized details in their promotional literature.

You do mention a “perfect seal,” which gives me a bit of concern, since perfect is more of a goal rather than an accomplishment, in my opinion.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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