PART 2 Functions and applications of geosynthetics in roadways

April 1st, 2017

Introduction Part 1 of this article provided an overview of the various functions that geosynthetics can fulfill in roadway applications. These functions include separation, filtration, reinforcement, stiffening, drainage, hydraulic/gas barrier, and protection. Table 1 in that article identified a total of five roadway applications involving geosynthetics. For each of the five roadway applications, the table […]

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Part 1: Functions and applications of geosynthetics in roadways

February 1st, 2017

Introduction The geosynthetic products most commonly used in roadway systems include geotextiles (woven and nonwoven) and geogrids (biaxial and multiaxial), although erosion-control products, geocells, geonets (or geocomposite drainage products), and geomembranes have also been incorporated in a number of projects. These various types of geosynthetics can be used to fulfill one or more specific functions […]

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