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Axter Coletanche Inc.

AXTER is a leading manufacturer of bituminous geomembrane COLETANCHE® used to waterproof civil engineering projects. Its high performance and adaptability to all types of terrain and climates means that it can be installed without a protection layer for a variety of applications including environment: solid and liquid waste, mining, biogas barriers; hydraulics: dams, canals, basins; transport: bridges, roadside ditches, airports, railway lines; and underground construction: walls, tunnels. COLETANCHE ES and XP are unique bituminous waterproofing solutions thanks to their large width (5.10m) and their longevity: they’re designed to guarantee excellent mechanical, chemical and climatical (even with extreme weather conditions) resistance. Their composition gives a remarkable dimensional stability and flexibility, guaranteeing permanent contact with all covering materials and the supporting ground through the years, even on steeper slopes.

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