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TYPAR Geosynthetics

The BIOBARRIER root and weed control system manages roots through the slow, controlled release of Trifluralin, a non-systemic herbicide that has been used in food crop production for more than 40 years. Nodules containing Trifluralin are through-injection-molded durable TYPAR GEOTEXTILE fabric, creating a continuous chemical and physical barrier against roots without impeding the flow of water, air or nutrients. Roots growing into the zone of inhibition are stopped, not just redirected. Used vertically, the BIOBARRIER root control system protects adjacent structures from root damage. Installed horizontally below 3” of stone/wood mulch, the BIOBARRIER weed control system blocks weed establishment using two layers of defense: chemical and physical. BIOBARRIER Surround System, BIOBARRIER’S unique geotextile design, lends it the flexibility to surround infrastructure, extending the life of your investment.

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