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Naue offers new erosion control software

News, Products | September 2, 2022 | By:

To meet the growing demand for climate changes, which require adapted and robust construction methods,  Naue offers a new design software so erosion control systems with temporary or permanent Secumat® solutions on slopes, trenches, and brooks can be easily planned and immediate results achieved.

Naue Erosion Control Software enables the quick and easy dimensioning of temporary and permanent erosion control systems. Optimized calculation and system selected on slopes and in trenches and brooks is crucial for minimizing the risk of erosion. The establishment of plantings is supported, and the soil surface is protected parallel to the surface.

The erosion control system consists of two components: areal products and suitable fixings for a positive bond to the subsoil. Permanent geosynthetic systems provide lasting protection against erosion. These are supplemented by biodegradable systems. This wide range of systems offers targeted protection and can be individually adapted.

Naue erosion control systems offer drastic minimization of the erosion risk due to an adapted protection effect; reduction of the CO2 footprint through sustainable system solutions; and easy software use due to good support and simple parameter input. The software is based on scientific and expert knowledge, and the expertise gained over decades with Secumat® erosion control systems has been implemented in the software.

For an engineering design, erosion effects must be considered. On slopes, erosive precipitation acts on unprotected soil surfaces. This results in soil erosion. On trenches and brooks, shear stress acts on the soil particles, which start to move and are eroded depending on the flow velocity and exposure to the flow. Erosion control systems can therefore not be selected accurately without prior knowledge. In particular, the intended benefit and duration of function on secured slopes and trenches and brooks must be considered. Software solutions offer the possibility to develop a customized solution with little effort.

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