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AASHTO issues materials standards maintenance guides

News | September 1, 2022 | By:

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has released the 42nd edition of its “Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, and AASHTO Provisional Standards,” commonly referred to as the “Materials Standards” publication.

Developed by the organization’s Committee on Materials and Pavements, the guide contains specifications, recommended practices, test methods, and provisional standards commonly used in the construction of highway facilities. It also contains provisional standards to allow practitioners to use them early in the research or development phase.

In addition to typical revisions to harmonize industry standards, update technology, and generally improve the standards, the 42nd edition includes numerous changes related to thermometers and temperature measurement. Many of these changes result from a National Cooperative Highway Research Program or NCHRP report that more clearly defined appropriate choices to replace mercury thermometers.

A partnership between three AASHTO committees helped developed new pavement preservation specifications and quality assurance information within the latest edition. Those are in the Guide Specifications for Highway Construction, 10th edition, 2021 Supplement.

Overall, the 42nd Materials Standards edition includes 589 standards, including three new and 276 revised standards, with over 200 standards that include changes related to thermometers and temperature measurement. Click here to download a copy of the Summary of 42nd Materials Standards, which includes each standard’s designation number, title, technical section number, and balloted revisions for each standard. To purchase a copy of the 42nd Materials Standards, visit the online AASHTO Store and search by the publication item code HM-42 or click here.

AASHTO has also released Maintenance Guidelines for Steel Bridges to Address Fatigue Cracking and Details at Risk of Constraint-Induced Fracture, G14.1-2021 – a joint publication between AASHTO and the National Steel Bridge Alliance. This publication provides guidelines for the maintenance actions to address fatigue cracking, as well as details at risk of constraint-induced fracture or CIF in steel bridges. The guide also provides a synthesis of best practices from published literature, project reports, plus both historical and on-going research projects, as well as input from industry professionals.

Intended to be a practical reference text for a wide range of audiences, including maintenance contractors, asset managers, and design engineers, this publication provides detailed descriptions of the driving causes of fatigue cracking and CIF in steel bridges and accepted methods for repair or retrofit.

To purchase a copy of the new guide, visit the online AASHTO Store and use Item Code NSBAMGFC-1-OL or click here for a direct link to the publication’s web page on the AASHTO store website.

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