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Geocells for Suriname mine haul roads

Case Studies, News | March 28, 2022 | By:

Presto Geosystems deploys the GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System geocells for Suriname gold mine haul roads.

Infilling the GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System geocells for Suriname mine
Infilling the GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System geocells at the Suriname gold mining site. Photograph courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Due to its location in a tropical climate near Paramaribo, Suriname, on the northeastern coast of South America, a remote gold mine sustains frequent heavy rains that result in soft clay soils becoming impassible. These conditions pose operational challenges and increase cycle times because Caterpillar 785 trucks (293 tons [265 tonnes]) must be able to travel through the soft soil areas to access the mine. The mining haul roads needed a soil-stabilization system to strengthen the underlying soils.

The project owners adopted a value engineering approach to optimize haul road design and minimize long-term costs associated with recurring maintenance and repair. They accomplished this by employing the Presto Geosystems GEOWEB Cellular Confinement System (geocells) to stabilize and confine road-base materials. The geocell system allowed for the beneficial use of locally available coarse river sand for the placement of base materials.

Project results

  • No downtime
  • No rutting observed
  • Decreased rolling resistance and increased tire life
  • Less vehicle maintenance, less fuel
  • Better productivity and better operational costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Safer

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