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Update from IGS-NA

IGS-NA | April 1, 2021 | By:

by John Allen

The IGS North America (IGS-NA) board is working diligently on diversity within its membership and representatives. The organization is expanding the number of liaisons to the board to include all the major North American technical societies that influence geosynthetics. IGS-NA provides the best vehicle for disseminating research on geosynthetics, as it connects researchers, engineering practitioners, owners, manufacturers and the contracting community. The board looks forward to working with and engaging IGS-NA membership to maintain its strong history of organizing the technical content at conferences focused on geosynthetics and to keep the momentum going on successful initiatives like the Educate the Educators program. 

Membership is critical to the success of IGS-NA, and the retention of student members and the transitioning of them into associate and full members as their careers advance has been identified as a critical need. Continued education of IGS-NA student and associate members also plays a critical role in their individual development and success within the industry. Look for changes in how membership will be organized heading into 2022. 

Partner societies and organizations also play a critical role in the overarching umbrella that is geosynthetics education. IGS-NA and its membership will continue taking on supporting conference roles, such as IGS-NA did at the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference 2020 and will do at GeoSaskatoon 2023. As our new liaison representatives come together, we will unite to lead IGS North America’s premier event, GeoAmericas 2024, in Toronto, Ont., Canada.

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