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Geosyntec announces new office location in The Woodlands, Texas

News | December 7, 2020 | By:

Geosyntec’s new The Woodlands office will focus on geohazard assessment, monitoring and mitigation; process and procedure development for pipeline geohazard programs; and geological characterization.

The office will be run by Alexander McKenzie-Johnson, P.G., L.G., L.E.G.; Aaron Orr; Patricia Varela, Ph.D.; Tim Cramer; Colby Reece; and Heather Dailey.

Alexander McKenzie-Johnson is a principal engineering geologist based in Texas with more than 17 years of professional experience focused on geohazard assessment and management for oil and gas clients. Prior to joining Geosyntec, McKenzie-Johnson was the Kinder Morgan geohazard lead for the Natural Gas Pipeline Geohazard Management Program, overseeing a 70,000-mile-long network of natural gas pipelines across the United States. In this role, he created and managed an industry-leading integrated approach to geohazard management that combined newer technologies like LiDAR and geographic information systems (GIS) databases with traditional geotechnical and geoscience techniques.

Aaron Orr is a staff professional with experience in stormwater modeling for hydrology and water quality; best management practice sizing, permit compliance and design; and technical writing for stormwater pollution prevention plans, water quality technical reports, environmental impact reports and other professional guidance documents.

Patricia Varela is a professional consultant based in Texas with a Ph.D. in geotechnical engineering. Her practice is focused on integrated site characterization using geological and geotechnical field surveying techniques to help clients construct subway tunnels, highways, dams and buildings. Her professional skills include the estimation of soil properties, design of foundations and slope retaining walls, analysis of structural geologic deformation evidence, geophysical interpretation, and geohazard mapping.

Tim Cramer is a senior staff professional with 12 years of experience in environmental and oil and gas consulting. He is skilled in evaluating and analyzing risk potential and targeting resources from geophysical datasets. Cramer has expertise in geology, geological mapping and GIS.

Colby Reece is a staff professional with experience in geology, hydrogeology, natural resources and environmental science. He has additional experience in GIS and LiDAR technologies, field work, and data analysis.

Heather Dailey is a staff professional with experience in geology. She has experience in characterizing karst using LiDAR and field traverses, as well as developing cross-sections and structure maps.

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