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CETCO launches BENTOMAT DN-HS geosynthetic clay liner

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CETCO, a leader in geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) manufacturing, has released the BENTOMAT DN-HS geosynthetic clay liner, a new addition to the BENTOMAT product portfolio that uses proprietary, high-density needlepunching technology to generate superior peak shear strength properties for slope stability. The product is ideal for containment systems that exist in seismic areas and high normal stress applications, such as heap-leach pad liner systems.

“The BENTOMAT DN-HS geosynthetic clay liner is another example of how we leverage CETCO’s world-class innovation capability to solve our customers’ most critical problems,” said Peter Ceribelli, vice president of CETCO. “The new product is a reinforced GCL consisting of a layer of sodium bentonite between two nonwoven geotextiles, which are needlepunched together and offer superior shear strength properties in a more efficient manner than traditional high-peel strength GCL builds. We look forward to introducing BENTOMAT DN-HS with our customers and demonstrating the product’s ability to address complex performance problems they are facing.”

Features of BENTOMAT DN-HS geosynthetic clay liners include:

  • Improved needlepunching performance that can increase peel strength and improve frictional interaction properties for both internal and interface shear.
  • Shear strength performance is achieved without thermal treatment, which provides industry-leading residual strength for design safety.
  • Granular bentonite creates less dust during installation and is less likely to shift during needlepunch reinforcement.

With its proprietary, high-density needlepunching technology, CETCO leverages high-quality Wyoming bentonite and patented polymer-modified bentonites between geotextiles to produce GCLs with industry-leading shear strength performance that meet the slope stability demands commonly found in mining applications.

Sodium bentonite-based GCLs such as BENTOMAT DN-HS provide an excellent hydraulic barrier in applications where leachate in direct contact with the GCL is relatively nonaggressive, or in composite lining applications where the GCL is overlain by a thermally welded geomembrane and hydrates from uptake of moisture from the subgrade.

BENTOMAT GCLs are available in a wide range of configurations to meet different hydraulic performance requirements. When working with GCLs, engineers should consider shear strength, hydraulic performance and chemical compatibility in order to assure a stable, long-lasting and high-performing liner system. BENTOMAT GCLs can be configured with various components in order to ensure maximum value and performance.

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