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Act Global and Solmax release next generation of LiteEarth capping system

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Act Global and Solmax announced the launch of the next generation LiteEarth PE capping system. LiteEarth is a patented synthetic-grass capping system developed for long-term closure of solid and hazardous waste landfills, coal ash, mining containment sites, and other land reclamation projects.

“We have engineered the next generation of a truly sustainable and efficient system,” said Mathieu Cornellier, vice president of technical services and business development of Solmax.

The premium LiteEarth capping system consists of factory-bonded synthetic grass and a linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembrane liner. New formulations in LLDPE resins and antioxidant properties improve the performance and durability of the geomembrane liner.

The 40-mil LLDPE geomembrane forms the barrier component of the product and is used worldwide in most capping applications due to its exceptional performance, flexibility and elongation capacity that easily accommodate differential or localized subgrade settlements without cracking.

“Synthetic grass has been used for decades in a wide variety of functional applications, from rooftops and landscaping to airports and sports fields,” said Chuck Fleishman, director of Act Global, the synthetic turf manufacturer for LiteEarth. “LiteEarth fibers are fully tested and UV stabilized to keep the grass from fading, breaking down or losing tensile strength for decades.”

“By combining UV-stabilized synthetic grass and LLDPE geomembrane liner, LiteEarth provides a lightweight, impermeable, single composite that is more cost-effective, durable, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly than traditional landfill capping systems,” Solmax’s Cornellier said.

Overall, the LiteEarth system provides long-term protection and a more sustainable and natural looking turf that blends with surrounding vegetation over exposed membrane. It eliminates wind or water erosion as no sand infill is required.

Comparatively, LiteEarth can save thousands of dollars per acre each year over 40+ years, by reducing materials, maintenance and installation costs versus traditional capping methods.

LiteEarth is delivered to the project site in premanufactured size and length specifications, and is easy to install using a variety of anchoring methods.

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