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KMS installs PURON PLUS package system in Canada featuring PULSION MBR

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Koch Membrane Systems (KMS), a leader in the development and manufacture of membrane-based filtration technologies, announced the commissioning of a PURON PLUS packaged MBR system in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The PURON PLUS system provides a compact and turnkey wastewater treatment solution that is fully automated and provides consistent high-quality effluent for safe discharge or reuse.

Due to Canada’s challenging climate and dispersed populations outside of city areas, simple and reliable decentralized treatment systems are often preferred to treat municipal wastewater streams. As a differentiated membrane and system provider, KMS has been selected for this project due to their ability to provide a comprehensive technological solution.

For this project, KMS partnered with Proteus Water Inc., a company focused on providing integrated wastewater treatment solutions for small communities. PULSION MBR pulses a large bubble through a chambered fiber bundle creating a highly efficient piston-like pumping action resulting in lower air and aeration energy requirements than traditional air scour methods. This product is able to harness the aeration energy utilizing the unique single header and central aeration design of the PURON membrane module.

Illustration courtesy of Koch Membrane Systems

“We decided to go with KMS modules due to their reliable, compact and efficient MBR solutions,” said Jason Tratch, president and CEO of Proteus Water. “Compact MBR systems are the only answer for the small municipalities in Canada, meeting the financial expectations as well as the technical challenges. The PURON PLUS system featuring PULSION MBR membranes is here with a very promising solution due to its increased efficiency and its decreased footprint.”

Capable of treating an average design flow of approximately 100,000 gpd (375 m3/day) of municipal wastewater, the PURON PLUS P-100 system selected for this project features KMS’s latest patented PULSION MBR technology, featuring reliability, productivity and low energy consumption.

“The efficiency and the reliability of MBR systems has been proven in thousands of places all over the world, and it will be the best applicable solution for the Canadian market,” said Jack Noble, general manager water and wastewater (EMEA) of Koch Membrane Systems.


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