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Leister introduces SEAMTEK W-900 AT low-voltage wedge welder

News | October 12, 2018 | By:

Leister Technical Textiles has released the SEAMTEK W-900 AT low-voltage wedge welder, an energy efficient and safe welder with direct transmission of power to a thin welding wedge.

The W-900 welds at a speed of 98 feet (30 m) per minute, uses no energy when in standby mode, can reach the desired target temperature in under one second and features speed adjustment via foot pedal—like a sewing machine.

With automatically controlled welding temperature, low spare part costs, a wedge that cools down when swiveled out to protect workers, low maintenance requirements and a precise welding zone, the W-900 offers many features.


It is energy efficient because only a thin wedge plate is heated rather than the entire metal wedge. At 30 meters per minute and with minimum energy requirements, various thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PU, PP and many others can be welded to each other.

Courtesy Leister

Click here for more information on the SEAMTEK W-900 AT.


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