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GSI on-demand online course details designing with geosynthetics

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The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) is offering an on-demand online course entitled “Designing with Geosynthetics,” based on the book of the same title by Robert M. Koerner. Dr. Koerner, professor emeritus of civil engineering at Drexel University and director emeritus of GSI, teaches the course. All Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) member companies and their employees will receive discounted rates on course registration.

This online course is focused on the entirety of geosynthetic materials and their myriad applications. It follows the 6th edition of the textbook Designing with Geosynthetics. Every figure, graph, table, example and more are reproduced but with a voiceover so as to further emphasize the points raised in the book. Included are 1,540 slides with approximately 18 hours of total voiceover. The contents are best appreciated when synchronized with a two-volume copy of the book (ebook for $7, softback $60 and hardback $80) so as to follow along with the PowerPoint slides and voiceovers. All three formats are available through Xlibris (the publisher), Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and GSI (physical copies only).

This course represents the equivalent of a full academic year of teaching geosynthetics, which the instructor has presented at Drexel University since the 1st edition of the book in 1984. Access to the course is for six months after payment of the fee, and the contents can be shared with co-workers or others within an organization. The course is particularly beneficial to graduating students entering geosynthetics, and all new employees of geosynthetics-related companies and agencies. It also acts as a primer for those interested in becoming certified as a geosynthetics designer.

This course will be beneficial for persons employed in all geosynthetics-related areas and industries; facility owners; federal, state and regional transportation engineers and related personnel; engineers from municipal districts and townships; private and municipal land developers; consulting engineers and testing laboratories servicing these organizations and providing forensic services; manufacturers and representatives of geosynthetic materials; contractors and installers of geosynthetic materials; academic and research groups; and others desiring a holistic view of geosynthetics information on the critical aspects of transportation, geotechnical, mining and geosynthetic engineering systems.

Participants in this course will receive 18 professional development hours (PDH). If a participant desires certification under the Geosynthetic Certification Institute-Inspectors Certification Program (GCI-ICP), a separate registration and examination is required. See or contact Jamie Koerner at for details.

Six-months access to the course costs $1,000.00 for GSI and GMA members, and $3,000.00 for nonmembers.

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