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BOSTD America geogrid plant up and running in Oklahoma

Products | September 28, 2018 | By:

BOSTD America’s new geogrid manufacturing plant is operational at the company’s American headquarters in Blackwell, Okla.

Photograph courtesy BOSTD America

The BOSTD Group, based in Europe, includes BOSTD International, BOSTD Geosynthetics and BOSTD America. It is a manufacturer of high-quality geogrids produced on a continuous-production line, as well as drainage nets and composites, geocomposites, asphalt reinforcement material and geocells that are used in soil stabilization of roads and other trafficked areas, foundation reinforcement and drainage, landfill and wastewater treatment, retaining walls and steep slopes, riverbank repair and development, erosion control and green field applications.

The sales network of BOSTD has covered more than 50 countries around the world.

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