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Guyana to install geotextile tubes along Essequibo Coast

News | October 5, 2017 | By:

Guyana’s National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) announced it had signed a contract for installation of 100 meters of geotextile tubes to form groins along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline at Reliance, Essequibo, according to a published report in the Guyana Chronicle. The scope of work includes the alignment of the geotextile tubes with geotextile layers (scour aprons with anchor tubes and geogrids) perpendicular to the existing sea defenses, and sand-filled geotextile tubes using slurry. The contract totals US$13.8 million.

The Essequibo region makes up 60% of Guyanese territory, and the region has been disputed for 200 years with neighboring Venezuela, which also lays claim to the territory.

Geotextile tubes are a cost-effective material alternative for coastal and marine projects. They are factory-sewn to achieve the desired formation. The geotextile tubes are installed by filling them with sand or suitable dredged material.

To strengthen coastal sea defense, NAREI has over the years implemented many interventions throughout the country. In Essequibo, NAREI intervened to restore mangroves and create suitable environments to promote restoration in areas where the supporting criteria do not exist.

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