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Owens Corning introduces GeoLap™ adhesive tape

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On July 11, 2017, Owens Corning announced the introduction of GeoLap™ adhesive tape, a taping solution designed specifically for RhinoMat® and RhinoSkin® geomembrane applications. By incorporating high-strength adhesive, extra width and thickness, GeoLap™ is meant for geomembrane patching, repair, and protection, Owens Corning said.

“The development of Owens Corning GeoLap adhesive tape demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to our customers’ success through consistent offerings within our premium geosynthetics solutions portfolio,” said Andy Durham, Owens Corning senior geosynthetics engineer.

Stable from -70° F to 200° F and VOC-free, GeoLap™ is a durable, polymeric-faced, all-purpose tape utilizing a proprietary butyl adhesive backing. Standard 100-foot-long rolls with a four-inch width make GeoLap™ advantageous for secondary repairs, seam protection, pipe boot and penetration sealing, batten reinforcement, and other geomembrane adhesive needs. And the easy-to-peel paper release liner allows for faster installation with professional-looking results, the company said. Owens Corning designed GeoLap™ for water retention and containment applications in conjunction with RhinoMat® and RhinoSkin® installations.

For product specification information and to access additional product resources, contact a RhinoMat® sales representative at (800) 567-9727 or email to

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2 responses to “Owens Corning introduces GeoLap™ adhesive tape

  1. Dear Sir/Madam, We are a R&D organization dealing exclusively with Geosynthetics. Your GeoLap tape is of interest and I wonder if a small sample could be sent for us to become familiar with the product…Please send to me at Geosynthetic Institute, 475 Kedron Ave., Folsom, PA 19033 and thank you….Bob Koerner

    1. Hi Bob,

      Apologies. An employee left the company last year, and we surprisingly did not know she was doing the responses to comments and approving comments on our website. I’m catching up on that when I have time.

      For more information about the GeoLap tape, contact Andy Durham at Owens Corning at

      Todd R. Berger
      Editor, Geosynthetics magazine

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