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AFM releases Radon Guard

News | April 21, 2017 | By:

AFM Corporation of Lakeville, Minn., announced the release of Radon Guard, a product that mitigates radon and other subsurface gases through effective ventilation. It simultaneously acts as an underslab insulation (R-10 min.), and provides a capillary break.

“Unfortunately, risk of exposure to radon is prevalent in much of the United States,” says AFM Corporation president, Mike Tobin.

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, toxic gas that comes from the natural decay of uranium within rock and soil that seeps through the ground and into a building or home’s foundation. Radon Guard is recognized in UL Evaluation Report 11812-06 as a code compliant replacement for a 4-inch-thick granular fill material.

Using a series of interconnected channels on the bottom of the Radon Guard panel, subsurface gases are directed to the ventilation pipe and safely directed outside. The channels provide a capillary break that allows water to move freely beneath the slab toward drainage while also venting out water vapors. The high compressive-strength of MPS allows Radon Guard to support structural loads of up to 390 psf.

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