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GCL woven side against geomembrane

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I seem to recall a webinar or presentation in which the presenter warned against using the woven side of a GCL against a geomembrane due to bentonite squeeze-out and subsequent slippage. Instead, the nonwoven side was recommended against the geomembrane with woven against the soil subgrade. However, I cannot find record of this presentation and I thought it could have been you. Have you observed this issue with the woven side against geomembrane?
Tip | South Carolina


Guilty as charged! There is literature on squeeze-out through woven GTs and it has been seen in the field a few times. By putting the woven side down against soil, you are avoiding the upper shear plane—but have you created the situation against the soils and has the soil been tested accordingly with hydrated bentonite on its surface?
Tip, a double nonwoven GCL completely avoids this issue and is much simpler for the installer. The price is a bit higher but I understand only nominally so.
Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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