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Woven Geopipe?

News, Q&A: GMA Techline | June 1, 2015 | By:

Geomembrane testing? Root penetration?
Welding HDPE with LLDPE? Woven geopipe?

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We hope you can give us contacts for some fabricators who could supply geosynthetic pipe or equal. We want to make woven pipe for water—sizes from 3 to 30 feet and pressures 10 to 100 feet of head.

Lem | USA


This is an intriguing request. There are, of course, many plastic pipe manufacturers, but none (to my knowledge) make them from woven materials. The closest is a stiff polypropylene mesh made into a drainage pipe, but you would have to line it with a geomembrane to make it watertight.
Perhaps multiple layers of adhesively bonded geotextiles would work, but it doesn’t sound promising.

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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