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Cover veneer stability and freezing

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RE: Cover veneer stability and freezing
I received a question recently from a regulator on whether freezing conditions could result in reduced interface shear strength between a geocomposite drainage layer and a geomembrane for a cover system with three feet of overlying soil. We have not historically seen freezing and ice formations within a geocomposite drainage layer as an observed failure mechanism for a composite cover system.

Have you? And do you know of any references on this
type of failure? Appreciate any feedback you have on this.

Best regards,

(Melanie | Colorado)

Reply: You ask a good question and certainly freezing water, even residual water, in the geocomposite drain could influence the interface shear against the underlying geomembrane. There are, of course, many variables involved and it would be possible to simulate site-specific conditions.

The person who has done some direct shear testing is Meshac Yaegen at Northeastern University. [We will] send you something.

That said, with three feet of cover soil you should be at or near the frost penetration depth and, if not, just how deep is it?

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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