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New product: High-temperature geomembranes from GSE

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Retains its mechanical and physical properties

Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 60 C (140 F) can have a negative effect on standard polyethylene geomembranes. When the temperature exceeds 60 C, the liner’s mechanical properties more rapidly break down, causing acceleration in stress cracking and oxidation. This can lead to potential failure.

In a new product release on the company’s website, GSE said it has combined high-temperature resins with its proprietary formula of carbon black, ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers, and antioxidants to develop a liner that withstands the effects of extreme temperatures. The high-temperature liner delivers the same durability and chemical resistance as other GSE geomembranes, but will retain its mechanical and physical properties in applications with sustained elevated temperatures of up to 100 C (212 F), according to the website release.

The new liner can be used in high-temperature applications where liner integrity and long service life are required: heap leach pads, secondary containment, oil and gas operations, industrial ponds, food processing systems, hot liquid storage, process water containment, wastewater treatment, and bioreactor landfills.

The website release said that the high-temperature material is an engineered high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane that is able to retain its mechanical and physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 100 C (212 F). It is a formulation that takes advantage of the high temperature performance of the resins and the thermal stability of a proprietary stabilization package. It provides enhanced mechanical performance and improved chemical stability at elevated temperatures in addition to the traditional properties of polyethylene geomembranes.

For region-specific data sheets, downloads, or more information: GSE

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