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New product: MedTextra fabric system

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Stay-wet fibers for high-value filters and fabrics

Imagine a fabric that creates a balance between moisture, airflow, and virus-scale filtration. A textile that is able to do all three has been developed by Minnesota entrepreneurs—the MedTextra Fabric System, according to an Oct. 25 press release.

MedTextra is produced as woven or nonwoven fabrics using current production machinery and commercially produced fibers and ingredients. It is currently patent pending and available for license.

The release noted that independent lab test results for air filtration performance and antimicrobial compatibility for several basis weights and compositions help reduce risks and speed design for licensees.

The MedTextra Fabric System maintains water-soluble actives on the surface of its fibers for extended periods. Active coatings such as quat antimicrobials won’t dry out and stop working with this new delivery system.

MedTextra captures and holds moisture from the air, making it effective in a wide range of applications including: capturing tiny airborne particles, killing viruses and bacteria on its surfaces, and keeping wounds moist.

The press release listed other applications including:

  • filters, such as respiratory face masks, antiviral air filters, and scarves with dual use as antiviral masks.
  • medical, including wound dressings, surgical drapes, and instrument tray liners.
  • consumer, such as antiviral cleaning cloths.

The press release stated: “Water-soluble actives such as therapeutics and antimicrobials are ever-fresh on MedTextra because new material cycles to the fiber surfaces and buries contaminants. This results in a longer life since its surfaces don’t ‘load-up’ with captured particles. The self-regulating ‘water battery’ holds actives in the matrix so they are not inhaled, keeps antimicrobials effective in dry environments, and removes surface-water droplets before they plug the media.”

For more information: LIDCO MedTextra

Source: LIDCO MedTextra

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