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Webinars, webinars, and more webinars

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As many of you know, GSI has been presenting webinars on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for several years. There are currently seven geosynthetics topics and they have been well-received, with from 10–45 organizations (each with multiple participants) online for these presentations.

That said, these webinars appear to us to miss large sections of potential geosynthetic audiences. For example, the solid-waste groups, non-civil engineering groups, non-engineering groups, and all international groups are generally not participating since ASCE focuses on domestic civil engineers.

With this potentially large missing audience in mind, GSI will host its own monthly webinars starting in June with the following monthly topics:

  • GSI-W1—June 12, 2013 “MSE wall failure database of 171 cases”
  • GSI-W2—July 10, 2013 “MSE wall back drainage design”
  • GSI-W3—Aug. 14, 2013 “MSE wall remediations for walls with excessive deformation”
  • GSI-W4—Sept. 11, 2013 “MSE wall field inspection practices”
  • GSI-W5—Oct. 9, 2013 “Geosynthetics in hydraulic applications”
  • GSI-W6—Nov. 13, 2013 “Geosynthetics in heap leach mining”
  • GSI-W7—Dec. 11, 2013 “Geosynthetics in agriculture”
  • GSI-W8—Jan. 8, 2014 “Geosynthetics in private development applications”
  • GSI-W9—Feb. 12, 2014 “Landfill failures and analyses”
  • GSI-W10—March 12, 2014 “Landfill bioreactors”
  • GSI-W11—April 9, 2014 “Landfill lateral and vertical expansions”
  • GSI-W12—May 14, 2014 “Landfill final covers: Past, present and future”

Each webinar will be 90 minutes from 11:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone) and will be on the second Wednesday of each month. Our hope is that interested folks in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa can participate as well as those in North America.

Each webinar will carry professional development hours (PDH’s) for those interested but those will require completion of a short multiple choice test at the end of the webinar. Each webinar will carry 1.5 PHD’s granted by the Geosynthetic Certification Institute (GCI).

Due to the fixed and ongoing costs involved, each access portal will require a $250 fee. Of course, as many persons as desired can participate on this single fee.

For more information on each webinar and for online registration:

Bob Koerner, director emeritus, Geosynthetic Institute

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