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New resin to produce ultra-resistant textiles

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Kynar 705 from Arkema

An Aug. 20 press release has announced a new high-flow polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) homopolymer grade, intended for use in standard commercial spinning equipment to produce ultra-resistant textiles for water, chemical filtration, and architectural applications.

French chemical company, Arkema, collaborated with Lenzing Plastics GmbH, a Germany-based supplier of fluoropolymer filaments and fibers to develop Kynar 705 for the production of continuous multifilament fibers, according to the release. Kynar 705 was designed with the objectives of meeting the high-fluidity requirements of multifilament extrusion while providing high tenacity, resistance to abrasion and aggressive chemicals
environment, even in high-temperature, high-whiteness, and low overall gel content.

The press release noted that these fibers can be woven into cloth products used for filtration media in water and chemical applications, fabrics backing for PVDF lines, or roofing textiles. It is also well-suited to produce mono- and multi-components fibers—spunbond fabrics used in the same applications.

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