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Reader wants more info about GRS

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Editor’s Note: Reader, Taher, offered this question after reading the June/July 2010 Geosynthetics article, “Building bridges the geosynthetic-reinforced soil way.”


As mentioned [in this article, RE:] use of geosynthetic-reinforced soil.

Could you elaborate, exactly what are all materials used and in [what] quantity? And also its economy.



Dear Taher,

My best advice is for you is to go to the Search Geosynthetics box in the upper right of this page. Type in “GRS” and you will see a wealth of information about geosynthetic-reinforced soil projects, particularly bridges.

Specifically, I would direct you to the April/May 2008 article, “The GRS bridges of Defiance County,” which includes an informative sidebar titled “What is GRS?”

Best regards,

Ron Bygness
Editor, Geosynthetics

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