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EPT launches new product line: EPT Xtrm Ply geomembranes

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Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) announced the availability of its new line of geomembrane products—EPT Xtrm Ply—in a Nov. 7 press release.

The EPT Xtrm Ply product line offers fabricators and installers a reduction in the quantity of seams required while maintaining product performance, the release said.

These geomembranes are used in applications such as potable water storage and protection, coal-ash containment liners, retention ponds, landfill and solid-waste containment, and for tunnel and canal liners. These products are available as reinforced membranes or as sheeting, according to the press release.

The EPT Xtrm Ply products are offered in a range of polymers, such as polyester and polyether urethanes, TPO polypropylene, PVC, and EIA. All polymers can be produced in sheet thickness from 10–120 mils as well as reinforced with fabric to construct a 3-ply composite.

The release described other applications that can utilize the EPT Xtrm Ply products: fuel and water storage tanks, flexible doors, dock shelters, and air containment.

Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT) is a Ronald Mark Associates (RMA) company. RMA was established in 1974 and has manufacturing, research, development, and sales facilities in Hillside and Pitman, N. J., with sales and marketing offices in West Warwick, R.I. and London, England.

Source: Ronald Mark Associates

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