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Firestone unveils new water management system

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Firestone Specialty Products is now showcasing a “total system approach” to water management solutions, according to an Aug. 23 press release.

Total Water Management Solutions helps building owners, landscape architects, civil engineers, specifiers, and municipalities maximize their water resources and achieve hydrologic responsibility, the release said.

A key component to Firestone’s family of water management products is the Firestone Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC), an on-site water management and reuse system designed to collect, filter, retain and distribute water below ground at its source (see photo).

Firestone recently introduced its total water management solutions product line Aug. 23 at StormCon 2011 in Anaheim, Calif.

“The conventional curb-and-gutter system design treats stormwater as a waste product to be moved from one location to another as quickly as possible,” said John Goers, general manager at Firestone SP. “The comprehensive water management solutions represent a significant paradigm shift and offer a true on-site water management and reuse system.”

Designed for stormwater runoff, athletic fields, parking lots, irrigation and other green spaces, the release stated. Firestone’s Water Management Solutions include a fully customizable product line, including more than a half-dozen drainage, irrigation, liner, and paver products.

Firestone Water Management Solutions are well-suited for both salt and freshwater applications and can be used to recycle graywater on-site for subsurface irrigation, according to the press release.

Source: Firestone Specialty Products

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