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GT ageing

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RE: GT ageing
I’ve been trying to track down the best references for ageing and degradation of geotextiles and found reference to ongoing research in this area.

I’ve located the Valcros Dam references. Are there others that you could recommend? Also, do you know if there has been, or is currently, more research being conducted (multivariate, rapid time lapse, Arrhenius-type) for geotextiles?

(Cheryl | Colorado)

Reply: There are many exhumed site papers (such as Valcros) in the literature. Just search through the geosynthetic conferences.

That said, there are only a few time-temperature/Arrhenius laboratory studies. The closest is FHWA work done on geogrids at Poly of New York and PET geotextiles done at GSI.

Most of this type of ageing and lifetime prediction research has been done on geomembranes … Bob Koerner

P.S. GSI Associate Members have access to our keyword search and there are 30,000 citations.-BK-

Bob Koerner | GMA Techline

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