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Geogrid focus group works towards specification

GMA News | June 1, 2011 | By:

GMA’s Geogrid Focus Group met March 15, 2011, during Geo-Frontiers in Dallas. The group is developing a table of values for biaxial geogrids for use in subgrade stabilization applications. The reason for this effort is to provide specifiers of state, county/municipal and commercial projects with information that will allow them to more easily specify geogrids for subgrade stabilization applications. The AASHTO M288 geotextile specification is a tool that makes it easier for specifiers to use geotextiles. The goal for this project is to develop a similar specification for geogrids.

The values table will include the different manufacturing types of biaxial geogrids by strength class and the corresponding product values for each strength class.

“We understand that this process will be difficult to work through because of the variety of products on the market. However, we feel this is an important project that will help grow the geogrid market,” said Andrew Aho, GMA’s managing director.

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