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Smallest piezometer now on market

Features | December 13, 2010 | By:

Roctest Ltd., designer and manufacturer of high-precision sensors, has launched the FOP-MicroPZ, the smallest fiber-optic piezometer available in the market, according to a company press release.

Piezometers measure pressure from pore-water or other fluids and are deployed in tunnels, embankments, excavations, dams, water repository sites and other civil engineering and industrial applications.

The FOP-MicroPZ is notable for its size—with a total diameter of 4.8mm (3/16in.) and a length of 54mm (2 1/8in.)—it can be used where other piezometers cannot go. The release cited examples, such as installation in small-diameter standpipes or integrated into geotextiles. And, the manufacturer maintains, it delivers similar or better performance than traditional piezometers.

The FOP-MicroPZ is now available, at prices comparable to traditional vibrating wire piezometers, according to the press release. A datasheet can be downloaded from Roctest’s website.


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