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Tensar launches GlasGrid TF system

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Tensar International Corp. has introduced GlasGrid TF (tack film) into the U.S., Canada, and Latin America markets, an Oct. 25 company press release stated. Tensar’s GlasGrid products, in use for more than two decades, are manufactured by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF). The introduction of GlasGrid TF is the culmination of five years of company research, testing, and development, according to the release.

The new TF product acts as a high-strength fiberglass interlayer to protect against reflective cracking and extend pavement service life. TF features a pre-installed layer of polymer tack film that uniformly bonds with hot-mix asphalt overlays, the release said.

Tensar’s description said that GlasGrid TF’s performance was demonstrated in AASHTO-recognized cyclic loading tests conducted by Saint-Gobain Technical Fabric’s Research and Development Center to quantify crack retardation and fatigue life.

“With last year’s launch of Tensar TriAx Geogrid, and now the introduction of GlasGrid TF, we’re enhancing our bottom-to-top road reinforcement solutions that reduce costs and improve performance,” said Nicholas Reck, Tensar’s pavement technology manager.

“We’re proud of the rigorous testing and development behind our newest product and we’re eager to work with Tensar International introducing it to the road construction market,” added Dan Hunt, SGTF’s sales manager for civil engineered products.

The press release described typical reinforcement applications for the GlasGrid products, including airport runways and aprons, high- and low-volume roads, and parking areas.

For more information: Tensar International Corp.

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